July 20, 2024

Postigao je sve osim jednog sna koji nije ostvario.

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Dejan Jelača, a collaborator for Kurir who lives and works in New York, spoke about Milojević, who worked as an assistant coach for the NBA team Golden State Warriors.

Jelača mentioned that the basketball world is in disbelief and that this was evident from the reactions of the NBA league, prominent athletes, and experts who loved and followed Milojević’s career and work. He acknowledged Milojević’s promising career, from his time at Beovuk to the Golden State Warriors. Jelača admired Milojević’s approach to the game and how he developed a young generation of talented players, including Nikola Jokić, who is currently considered one of the best players in the NBA.

Jelača highlighted Milojević’s successful career, which included winning two national championships with Budućnost Partizan and a championship with the Warriors. He also mentioned that Milojević became the second coach from Serbia to win an NBA championship ring. It was a remarkable and exemplary career.

Upon hearing the news of Milojević’s heart attack, everyone reacted with hope that he would recover quickly due to his young age, athleticism, and strong heart. However, life proved to be unpredictable, and in a matter of seconds, everything changed.

Jelača noted that one dream Milojević didn’t have the chance to fulfill was to return to Serbia and become the coach of the national basketball team. It was the only unfulfilled aspect of his illustrious career, and it is something he was eager to achieve.

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