July 20, 2024

Martina Navratilova and Lindsay Davenport on Novak Djokovic

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I cannot believe that fans cannot understand what they are doing… “It must be exhausting to always be the villain. It is so easy for that audience to cheer against you, despite all that you have accomplished. I think he has reached a point where he is saying he is tired of it, he has won so much that it’s becoming absurd. So I believe it doesn’t bother him anymore. In every match, the crowd is on the opponent’s side, they start saying those things to him and he is tired of it,” said former American tennis player Davenport on “Tennis Channel”. “When they say those things to him, it’s not right. But as you know, victories are Novak’s best revenge and he always manages to do that. So, who will have the last laugh?” highlighted Navratilova, who this time stood up for Djokovic, although we know that hasn’t always been the case. ![Novak Djokovic](/data/images/2024/01/17/12/3792190_profimedia0837999865_ff.jpg?ver=1705570484)

Let’s remind ourselves that Novak Djokovic will play his third-round match at the Australian Open against Tomas Martin Etcheverry from Argentina on Friday at 9 AM. Etcheverry is a tennis player who greatly respects him.

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