April 21, 2024

Rade Bogdanović on Current Football Topics

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In his recognizable style, openly and without mincing words, Rade, in an interview for “Prva TV”, among other things, said that the profession is one of the biggest problems in Serbian football. He emphasized that there are no quality coaches working with children in Serbia.

“In the past, coaches were educated at the Faculty of Physical Education, these are now licensed coaches. And there is a big difference between educated and licensed.

In most cases, there is no one here to teach the children,” says Bogdanović. He added that today he wouldn’t be able to work as a coach.

“I could never be a football coach, if someone comes to my training in a Ferrari… Do you see how they have become arrogant. How much rape there is.

Yesterday, the trial of the right-back Dani Alves, the most successful player in team sports, began. They have become arrogant.

The media and football structure, huge amounts of money have gone to their heads.” When asked by the presenter if he knows a footballer who hasn’t been affected by money, who has remained firmly grounded, Bogdanović promptly replied:
“The best example is Vladimir Jugović when it comes to Serbia.

Of course, there are many of them, but they are not in the media because they are not interesting. The media is more interested in some idiot who has squandered everything, who does drugs, beats his wife…

I know a man who has won the Champions League, earned serious money, has a wife and children, and he drives a tram,” says Bogdanović. “In most cases, footballers are not a good example for young people,” adds Bogdanović.

The spring part of the Serbian Super League starts this weekend, and Bogdanović is quite certain that the red-and-whites will soon take over the leading position and continue their domination in Serbian football. “The spring part won’t be very interesting to me, because Red Star has definitely strengthened with Bahar’s dismissal and Milojević’s arrival.

They have a better team, although they have sold some players now. I think Red Star will definitely win the title.

They are well-organized as a team, when things don’t go well, they put pressure on referees, VAR, the public. They are serious in that manipulative part, that’s for sure.

It’s a serious pressure that the opponent can’t withstand. Along with all that, they surely have a better team,” Bogdanović believes.

(Source: Kurir sport / J. M.)

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