April 24, 2024

Nikola Pilić: Serbians, Appreciate Novak Djokovic

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Nikola Pilić discusses Novak Djokovic’s performance at the Australian Open. He highlights Djokovic’s uncharacteristically poor performance in the first and second rounds, particularly against Popirin where the Russian player had several set points.

Pilić notes that Djokovic struggled with control over the ball, leading to a significant number of errors in the matches against Janik Siner. Despite Djokovic’s unprecedented struggle at the Australian Open, Pilić acknowledges his remarkable achievements in the past 15 years, particularly his record-breaking 411 weeks as the ATP ranking leader.

He also praises Djokovic’s resilience, citing his return from a previous injury, and emphasizes the need for Serbian appreciation of Djokovic’s contributions to the sport and his positive image for the country. Pilić also discusses the emergence of young talents such as Janik Siner and Carlos Alcaraz, highlighting their potential to dominate the tennis scene in the future.

He expresses doubts about Rafael Nadal’s return due to a serious injury and speculates on Djokovic’s continued dominance in the sport.

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