July 20, 2024

Dark Decision about Novak

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Novak Djokovic has achieved everything that can be achieved, broken numerous records in the world of tennis and sports in general, and remained at the top of the ATP rankings for the longest time. However, some still do not consider him one of the greatest athletes of all time. A popular Twitter account called “Fifa World cup stats” published a list of the top 10 greatest athletes of all time, shamelessly leaving out Novak. In response, tennis expert Vuk Brajovic appeared on the morning program of Kurir TV and expressed his surprise at the omission.

He stated that it is astonishing given the level of recognition Novak has received from the world of football for his universal sports triumphs and successes. Novak has won the Indian Wells Masters five times, with his last appearance in 2019. It’s interesting to note that he was eager to participate in the new Masters last year, but was not allowed by the US authorities. It is expected that Novak has regenerated and overcome any physical problems.

Hopefully, he is motivated enough to fight to maintain his top position and continue the season in the way everyone anticipated it would begin, despite the unfortunate start. The Indian Wells tournament will present serious competition for the world’s best tennis player. Alcaraz, the defending champion, Medvedev, the finalist, and Sinner, the semifinalist, will all be in attendance. This is a tournament that Novak loves and where he has had a lot of success.

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