April 18, 2024

Analysis of Partizan’s performance in the EuroLeague and the team’s reinforcements

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He added that according to that, Partizan is among the top eight clubs in the EuroLeague. A month and a half later, the ABA League champion is even outside the play-in zone in the elite competition, and in the regional league, they have lost the advantage of home court in the finals. The shocking defeat to Virtus in Bologna only confirmed what has been widely talked about – the black and whites lack a classic playmaker. Željko Obradović had only one true playmaker last season, and after the magical departure of Jama Mada, he decided not to have any this season.

That is, the position should be covered by Aleksa Avramović and Pi J. Dozier, with the help of other guards. Against Virtus, we saw a real horror – the guards lost as many as 10 balls, Dozier four, Avramovic and Panter three each. Also, the whole team had only eight assists compared to 19 by the opponents… The arrival of the diminutive playmaker seems ideal from this perspective because he is the best at what Željko Obradović’s team is doing terribly.

He is fast, penetrating, can easily create an advantage and share the ball, and is also dangerous in shooting. The tall players would benefit, as well as the rest of the team, especially Kevin Panter, who struggles a lot and mostly has to create a shot opportunity by himself. It is needless to say anything about the pick and roll with Kaminski, Ledej or Smailagić. Ferrell was close to putting on the black and white jersey, but then everything practically fell apart overnight.

His agent revealed that the stumbling block was Partizan’s offer, which did not satisfy his client. It is unbelievable that because of a certain amount of money, Jogi decided to go to Budućnost, because obviously it was not a big difference. In the meantime, Aleksa Avramović suffered a serious injury, which was another blow, so Partizan brought in Jaylen Smith – unofficially, for 500,000 euros. Smith is undoubtedly a solid player, but he is not a true point guard.

Jogi shines in the ABA League and EuroCup. Jogi Ferrell is the best player for Budućnost, imposing himself as a leader in just seven games. In the EuroCup, he averages 10.2 points and four assists, while in the ABA League, he is even better – 13.7 points and 4.7 rebounds. There is no doubt that he records these numbers in competitions that are not at the level of the EuroLeague and that the opponents are weaker, but it is obvious that his non-acquisition was a mistake of Partizan.

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