April 14, 2024

The Decline of Serbian Tennis

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Losing is not a problem, not even to those perceived as weaker on paper. It’s not a problem if “it’s not your day”. It’s not a problem to experience a debacle.

It’s all part of sports. However, the problem lies in appearing completely uninterested and absent. Looking disheartened.

Having no great desire for success. In fact, having no desire to win at all and giving up at the first hurdle. That’s how the Serbian tennis players looked in recent days.

They were swept by Slovakia in the Davis Cup, but the bigger impression was the despondency they displayed against a rival with ten times more motivation. It’s unbelievable that wearing the national jersey wasn’t a motivation for them to show their worth on the court. Let’s ask ourselves: Why didn’t these guys just go on vacation and to the beach if that’s what they needed after the tour in Australia?

It’s much fairer to say: “I can’t” instead of coming just to “get the job done”. What we saw in two days of tennis in Kraljevo really only looked like that… Playing for Serbia is never just a job. Besides, these guys surely had someone to learn from when wearing the national colors.

Whenever Novak Djokovic answered Serbia’s call, he would be motivated 100 percent. Not even one percent less. When he couldn’t, he didn’t come.

Much fairer. In September, our team will be fighting to stay in the World Group of the Davis Cup. It would be good for only those who sincerely want to play for the national team to be in the team then… Kurir sport / M. B.

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