April 24, 2024

¿El Partizan obtiene la licencia de la Euroliga?

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According to Savic, who spoke about the current situation for the Lithuanian portal “BasketNews,” the black and white team fulfills all the requirements to obtain the A license. Savic emphasized the importance of creating new fans and mentioned the increase in young spectators at the games in Istanbul. He also expressed uncertainty about the future of Serbian clubs and their participation in the elite European competition. Partizan is playing the current season in the EuroLeague as a wild card holder earned through winning the ABA League.

Savic highlighted the club’s economic improvement over the past three years, attributing it to the arrival of Zeljko Obradovic as a key factor. He mentioned the growth in jersey sales and the increase in arena attendance, emphasizing the club’s financial stability and responsible management. When asked about the response expected from the EuroLeague regarding their arguments, Savic expressed uncertainty and emphasized the importance of long-term planning for the next 10 years. He emphasized the significance of maintaining presence in the EuroLeague and the importance of clubs with history and substantial fan bases.

En resumen, Savic enfatizó la importancia de ampliar la base de seguidores, destacó la mejora económica del club, la estabilidad financiera y una gestión responsable, y expresó incertidumbre sobre el futuro del club en la EuroLiga, mientras defendía su permanencia en la competición a largo plazo.

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