April 13, 2024

Obradović se priprema za utakmicu između Partizana i Žalgirisa

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The text is about a basketball game between Partizan and Žalgiris in the Euroleague. In the first match of the season, Partizan won against Žalgiris with a score of 85:93 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The coach of Partizan stated that Žalgiris will have three players who will make a significant difference in the upcoming game. These players are Lukas Lekavičijus, Arnas Butkevičijus, and Brejdi Manek, with the coach emphasizing the impact of Butkevičius on defense.

The coach also mentioned the changes in Žalgiris’ playing style since the arrival of their new coach, highlighting their increased aggressiveness and improved performance in terms of ball possession and three-point shooting. Additionally, it was noted that both teams tend to receive a high number of fouls during games against each other.

Aleksa Avramović, a player from Partizan, expressed optimism about their team’s performance, mentioning that they had trained well and hoped to demonstrate their skills in the upcoming game. He also acknowledged the changes in Žalgiris’ team dynamics and the improvements made with the arrival of their new coach.

As for the current standings, Partizan has 11 wins and 11 losses, while Žalgiris has 8 wins and 14 losses in the competition.

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