April 16, 2024

Stanković: Zvezda me iscrpila i uništila

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Dejan Stanković, former coach of Crvena Zvezda, recently decided to leave the club after their failed attempt to qualify for the Champions League in the summer of 2022. When asked about his feelings towards the club, Stanković responded emotionally, stating that Crvena Zvezda is an emotional connection for him. He emphasized that he did not run away from the club, but rather, a cycle had come to an end. Stanković expressed his gratitude towards the club and highlighted their achievements, including two double crowns, three titles, and reaching the round of 16 in the Europa League.

Stanković also reflected on Crvena Zvezda’s performances in the Champions League, noting that despite their efforts, they did not have luck on their side. He mentioned close matches that could have gone in their favor, but ultimately did not. Stanković acknowledged the impact of the Champions League on the team, stating that it consumes a lot of energy and can lead to mistakes in domestic competitions.

Regarding the appointment of Vladan Milojević as the new coach, Stanković praised the move and believed it to be an excellent decision. He acknowledged Milojević’s previous successes with Crvena Zvezda and expressed confidence in his ability to continue the club’s progress. Stanković concluded the interview by suggesting that he believes the future under Milojević’s leadership will be positive.

In conclusion, Stanković’s departure from Crvena Zvezda was not an escape but rather the end of a cycle. He expressed his emotional connection to the club and gratitude for the opportunities he had to work with the team. Stanković also reflected on their Champions League campaign and highlighted the challenges it brings. However, he remains optimistic about the club’s future under the new coach.

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