April 14, 2024

Pripreme za prolećni deo sezone započele u FK Loznica

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The auxiliary field with artificial grass was completed back in October 2022, and now it is being used for the first time, providing the football players with good conditions to prepare for the upcoming spring battles for points.

The green and white team has brought in several new players, and it is expected that there will be more reinforcements. Goalkeepers Branislav Ružić (34) from Podrinje-Janja and Vuk Mitrović (18) on loan from Voždovac, as well as Nikola Šutić (24) and Nikola Pantić (21) who played for Real-Podunavci, and Dušan Pecarski (21) from NK BSK Bijelo Brdo have joined the team. The goal for the team from Loznica is to catch up with the leading teams, Borac and FAP, although it is difficult to reach the first place with a 12-point deficit, but they will play without surrendering.

Loznica finished the autumn season in fourth place with 28 points, scoring 29 goals and conceding 23 goals in 15 matches. Their first preparatory match will be played on January 27 against Zvijezda from the ethno-village of “Stanišići”. It is also expected that the green and white team will enter the club facilities at the new stadium on Monday. It is worth noting that so far, Loznica has only played one match at the new “Lagator” stadium on the opening day, November 18th of last year.

They defeated Vrelo Sport from Uba with a score of 3-2 (2-0) in the 14th round of the Serbian League “West”. This match goes down in the history of Loznica football and sports as the first one played on hybrid turf and under floodlights.

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