April 24, 2024

Ostoja Mijailović shares his views on the Kaboklo situation

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Kaboklo joined Partizan in early November last year after receiving permission from FIBA to sign a contract with the Serbian team. Ostoja Mijailović, the president of Partizan, also made a statement on the matter. He stated that Partizan had paid a compensation fee of 150,000 euros as per FIBA’s decision and obtained a Letter of Clearance (LOC), which was necessary for Kaboklo to be registered as a player.

Before joining Partizan, Kaboklo had played for Ulm in the second half of the previous season. He then signed a contract with Venice in late June 2023. However, after performing well at the World Cup, Kaboklo decided not to join the Italian club. Instead, in November last year, he signed a contract with Partizan. The agency representing the Brazilian basketball player clarified that Kaboklo did not have a signed contract with Venice but rather a pre-contract, which did not pose any obstacles to his transfer to Partizan following FIBA’s decision.

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