April 18, 2024

Trećeligaš iz Hrvatske zaradio 5,2 miliona evra prodajom igrača

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Kustošija, the Croatian football club, is set to receive 10 percent of the next sale amount for a young Croatian footballer. Romano, a reliable source, confirms that Klapija has successfully completed medical examinations at a German club and that the transfer will soon be finalized.

Klapija, who was born in the United States, joined Kustošija from New York City last year. He believed that this move would be beneficial for his development, and he was proven right. A year ago, he made his debut for the Croatian U17 national team, which is led by the renowned football player Robert Jarni.

Dinamo from Zagreb also showed interest in the young footballer last year, but ultimately made a huge mistake by backing out of signing a professional contract. Allegedly, other notable clubs, such as Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund, were also interested in this talented striker, alongside Leipzig.

In conclusion, Klapija’s transfer to the German club is imminent, and Kustošija will be entitled to a percentage of the sale.

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