July 20, 2024

Iznenađujuća poruka teniserke

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Mari Osaka, the older sister of the much more famous Naomi, has stirred up the tennis world with her social media post in which she states that she will kill her father if he continues to physically abuse her or members of her family. In an emotional statement shared with her followers, Mari reveals that she has been a victim of her father’s uncontrollable behavior and frequent physical attacks for years, but she has decided to put an end to it. According to her, the abuse began in childhood, and she is ready to stop it by any means necessary – if it does not cease after her appeal, she is even willing to kill him! This will be her way of defending herself and other women in the family from an abuser who uses physical strength to torment them. “I am the devil’s daughter,” Mari writes, and she doesn’t stop there: “I want to tell everyone how disappointed and angry I am with you, as a father and as a human being in general. You have betrayed us in every possible way. You have been abusing me since I was little, and now you continue to abuse my mother. You continue to emotionally abuse her and enter our house as if it were yours.”

According to Mari Osaka, the older sister of the famous Osaka sisters, their father Leonard Francois is a coward and a violent man whom she will kill if he tries to beat her again. “I am writing this publicly precisely because you are a coward who hides behind physical strength, which allows you to beat me and for us not to report you to the police. That’s it, I’m done with you. The next time I see you, I will call the cops. Take this as a threat. Because of the way you have hurt my family, I wouldn’t even regret it if the police killed you. If you come again to threaten me and beat me, I will fight back and defend both of us. I will kill you if you don’t kill me first with the gun you carry like all cowards. So go ahead, let’s see what kind of man you are, although I have known since birth that you are the devil. God, help me if he comes back,” added the former tennis player.

Mari Osaka was a professional tennis player from 2014 to 2021, but she did not have any major successes. She played in the finals of ITF tournaments four times but never won a title, and she earned about $90,000 in her career. Her best singles ranking was 280th in May 2018. After her tennis career, she dedicated herself to art and fashion design. Her younger sister, Naomi Osaka, is a year and a half younger and is considered one of the best tennis players of her generation. She was once ranked number one in the world in the WTA rankings and has won four Grand Slam tournaments. She has earned over $20 million from tournaments alone.

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