July 19, 2024

Ivanišević speaks out regarding injury

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Ivanišević praises Aleks de Minaur for his exceptional performance and tactical acumen. He reassures that there is no need to worry about Novak’s wrist injury and expects him to be ready for the upcoming tournament starting on the 15th. While acknowledging the issue with the wrist, Ivanišević emphasizes that the most important thing is Novak’s readiness in 10-11 days. He believes that the United Cup was a good preparation for Novak at the start of the season. Ivanišević mentions that they will have a few days of rest before slowly starting training again, emphasizing that the wrist injury is not a significant problem. He states that they came here to play a few matches, which Novak successfully accomplished. Despite the result not being as good today, Ivanišević concludes that it was still a useful preparation that Novak needed.

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