April 16, 2024

Un millón de personas afectadas por el ciclón.

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Tens of thousands of people left the stadium disappointed, and millions criticized the best World Cup footballer in Qatar on social media. However, Miami doctors banned the Argentine from taking the field due to knee problems, so he remained on the bench.

Miami won 4-1, but the match was overshadowed by fans booing and calling for refunds. Spectators chanted “we want Messi” and “give us our money back.”

The Hong Kong government issued a statement suggesting that the match organizers, the company “Tatler Asia,” could face reduced funding after Leo Messi remained on the bench. Addressing the media for the first time since the team and their co-owner David Beckham were booed, Leo Messi emphasized that it was “disappointing” not to be able to play, citing muscle swelling as the reason.

He said, “*- In Hong Kong, we had an open training session and I went out because it was very crowded and there were many children. I wanted to be there*.”

He continued, “*- But the truth is that the problem persisted, and it was very difficult for me to play. I can understand that people were looking forward to it and I hope I will have the opportunity to come back and play in Hong Kong again.

For tomorrow, I don’t know, we have to see how training goes today. We still don’t know if I will be able to or not.

I feel much better than a few days ago and I really want to play,*” said the Argentine.

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