July 20, 2024

OPPOSITION: Again causing disorder in the Assembly! Verified mandates, then SWORN IN THE CORRIDOR

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The constitutive session, where the mandates of all 250 members of the new parliamentary convocation were confirmed, was held yesterday in the National Assembly. Some of the members took the oath in the plenary chamber, while opposition members left the session and took the oath in the parliamentary foyer in front of the media.

The session was marked by opposition dissatisfaction, whistles, and banners from the “Serbia against Violence” party and the NADA coalition, as well as slogans from the “Serbia Must Not Stop” list. The session was attended by 178 members, and the verification committee confirmed all mandates.

SNS member Aleksandar Marković congratulated the members on their election and the citizens on the free, fair, and democratic elections. However, as soon as they entered the chamber, they started shouting, whistling, and waving banners.

On the other hand, ruling coalition members unfurled a banner on the balcony with the inscription “DS (Democratic Party of Serbia) thieves, you want to loot Serbia again. It won’t work”, to which opposition members reacted with applause.

When it was time to take the oath, the members of the “Serbia Must Not Stop” and NADA coalition left the chamber and, instead of taking the oath with their colleagues as protocol requires, they did so in the Parliament foyer, in front of journalists and cameramen. – stated Borko Stefanović.

Member of Parliament Marinika Tepić complained that the plenary hall during the session was divided by a police cordon, with at least 40 police officers cordoning off opposition members and inspecting their cars with detectors upon arrival at the Parliament building. – They obstructed the parliament twice last year and lost the elections, now they are doing it again.

This will lead nowhere but to agony. This provocation will not bring people to the streets and seems like a complete media-political failure – emphasized Stanković to Kurir.

Political analyst Boško Jakšić assessed that this session is a faithful reflection of a deeply divided society and what was seen at the start indicates how the Parliament will look in the months and years to come. Therefore, it shows that we are not able to establish a normal dialogue between the government and the opposition, which can be sharp, but this war of banners we saw in the parliamentary chamber does not promise anything good – he said.

Political scientist Boban Stojanović said that the opposition should prepare for the next elections rather than play the victim and show helplessness, as this way it discourages its voters. He also said that the opposition should not rely on international pressure, as the EU did not react four years ago when the opposition boycotted the elections.

Ivica Dačić
The deadline for forming the government has started to run
The President of the SPS Ivica Dačić stated that it is very important that the Serbian Assembly has been constituted, and that the deadline for forming a new government has started to run, and that Serbia should now turn to new challenges. He pointed out that other parliamentary bodies need to be formed, and he will be the head of the SPS parliamentary group, with his deputy Snežana Paunović.

– What is not good is the behavior of all opposition members. Since 1992, when I entered the Serbian Assembly, I have not seen anyone behave like this at a constitutive session, with curses, threats, and everything that is inappropriate in parliament – emphasized Dačić.

Miloš Vučević
The opposition took the oath in front of their own media
SNS member Miloš Vučević accused opposition members of dividing citizens into acceptable and unacceptable and taking the oath “in front of their own media,” not in front of the Serbian flag. – We are not satisfied that those who persistently tarnish our country and today staged a performance, a kind of violence, and sent a message that for them there is not one state, but that there are acceptable and unacceptable citizens.

They have given themselves the right to say that the elections were not fair or not, even though they became members of parliament through these elections – he pointed out. It was the first time to see someone who was elected not taking the oath in the chamber in front of the flag and coat of arms, but swearing to their own media, not to the citizens.

As some opposition members jeered at him during the press conference, Vučević told them that they are uneducated and that what they are doing “only suits Albin Kurti”. Vulgar behavior
Đilas cursed at the SNS members’ mothers
The leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Đilas, at one point during the session cursed at the mothers of the ruling SNS members.

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