April 16, 2024

Mirko Milićević criticizes Red Star’s transfers

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In the popular basketball podcast “Jao Mile,” the former center of the club from Mali Kalemegdan strongly criticized Red Star’s newcomers. “Whenever I see Gillespie, I feel like calling Čović, telling him to give me two months of training. I don’t want to, because I’ve become a player in Red Star… Let 90 percent of the income he receives go to Miloš Teodosić and pray for Miloš’s health not to get injured… When I saw how he was shooting free throws, I realized that my late Rajko Žižić was Nureyev for him, that was softness,” he said.

He did not spare Džavonte Smart either. “Then this American guard who came, starts off well, then shows how wild he is, then starts shooting,” Milićević said.

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