April 13, 2024

Milan Gurović criticizes Duško Ivanović

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In an interview for “K1,” he revealed that the Red and Whites had the opportunity to recruit the top stars of Baskonia – Hauard and Monekea, but that supposedly Ivanović did not want them on the team. “The coach made several cardinal mistakes, not Sferopulos but the one before him, we all know who that was.

He brought in some players, and Hauard and Moneke from Baskonia were offered to him. They were on the list and offered.

Ivanović didn’t want them, they were not to their liking, it is paradoxical that he is their coach now. Duško Ivanović selected this team.

It’s a shame that you don’t have a team competitive for the Top 8, with such an army of fans,” Gurović said. Gurović believes that the Red and Whites missed with the signing of Gilespija and Smart.

“Since I am not in the management of Red Star, but I will be, I can reveal this, and it will be my honor to be part of such a project. As for Gilespija, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have brought him.

Because if he didn’t fit with Pablo Laso in Munich, one of the best European coaches, then he shouldn’t fit with us either. Neither has Smart, who has shown nothing so far,” Gurović emphasized.

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