April 24, 2024

Have Rome’s players betrayed Mourinho?

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Portuguese expert José Mourinho took the dismissal from Roma hard. In his first season at the club, he delivered their first European trophy in the club’s history. Mourinho did not take the club’s decision well, as the extent of his disappointment was demonstrated by a gesture he made in the locker room before leaving.

Allegedly feeling betrayed by the team, he left behind a ring he received as a gift after winning the Conference League with Roma. According to “Il Messaggero,” Mourinho left his ring in the locker of captain Lorenzo Pellegrini as he departed from the training center. Along with the ring, he left a message for his players: “When you become men, return it to me,” Mourinho reportedly wrote.

This refers to the ring the players gave him after Roma’s first European trophy. Reportedly, Mourinho felt that the players had betrayed him. He was bothered by their immediate support of De Rossi’s choice.

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