April 18, 2024

Details of the Girl’s Death After Relationship with a Footballer

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The media immediately received information that the girl had a five-centimeter cut in her vagina, which confused many. There were speculations that alcohol and drugs were involved, but the latest information indicates that this did not happen. Brazilian media report that the autopsy will reveal what really happened, and De Oliveira is reportedly not under investigation.

A reconstruction of that day has also been published. Livija first lied to her father, Rubens Čagasa Matosa, a retired military police officer, telling him around 5:30 pm that she was going to watch the Corinthians and Sao Paulo match with friends, but then she went to meet Dimas. While giving a statement to the police, the young man stated that they had not consumed alcohol and drugs, and that Livija passed out during their second sexual intercourse.

He called for emergency medical services and received instructions on how to perform chest compressions, and doctors found the girl with cardiac arrest in his apartment. They performed resuscitation procedures and managed to revive her. Dimas accompanied her in the ambulance to the hospital.

Livija reportedly arrived alive, but then suffered another heart attack and passed away. The bleeding in the vagina was stopped at the hospital, but it is still unclear what caused the injury. Livija’s father met the footballer, who explained to him what happened, after which the two of them argued.

Because of this, the police were called, and the girl’s father claims that Dimas did not express concern or remorse about the whole situation. It is also reported that the footballer had already bought a bus ticket to leave the city and go to Minas Gerais that same night.

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