April 13, 2024

Comments on the defeats of Red Star and Partizan

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Crvena zvezda and Partizan suffered embarrassing losses in Matchday 19. On paper, Zvezda went to Podgorica without the need for a result as they are almost certain to finish on top at the end of the regular season. However, this did not excuse their poor performance. It seemed like some players momentarily forgot whose shirt they were wearing and what the fans always expect from them – a fighting spirit.

They did not deliver this in Podgorica that night. Then it was Partizan’s turn and they completely disappointed the fans (Split celebrated a 74:67 victory in the Arena). Their opponent was a modest team from Split, so coach Obradović decided to rest Panter and Doužer. The depth of his team allowed for it… Or maybe it didn’t.

So many missed shots, such catastrophic decisions in the game, and complete helplessness on the court. Not for one, nor for the other. Simply put – they have extremely deep rosters, expensive teams, even 10-20 times more valuable than their regional rivals. …

It’s good for both camps to ask themselves: Are they on the right track? Rather than constantly “looking over the fence”, perhaps they should pay more attention to their own yard and what they are doing… Kurir sport / M. B.

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