July 19, 2024

Aco Petrović responds to claims that Delije wanted to break his brother Dražen’s leg

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In 1984, 1985, 1986, Cibona was dominant in European basketball and that frustrated us a lot. We were very close, but we just couldn’t win, we were constantly losing, and it looked frustrating.

During our many stays in Zagreb, we sat and thought about what we could do. Of course, Dražen Petrović was the best player of Cibona, so we thought about finding out where he was, and then to scare him, to threaten him.

We were young and naive, we didn’t know what idea to pursue, so we radicalized, thinking about beating him up before the game with Red Star, breaking his legs with bats. And we decided to follow him, we followed him around Zagreb for three or four days, without mobile phones, we saw his routine, where he went, which café he visited, where he lived…

The main problem was that he was never alone, he was always with a girl or a group of friends. And we said to ourselves ‘OK,’ we saw his street pattern, so when the decisive game with Cibona comes, we will know where he goes, but Red Star that year did not reach the finals, so there was no need for such action,” said the former leader of Red Star fans about the alleged “attack” on Petrović.

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