April 21, 2024

A young fan inserted his finger into a footballer’s backside

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A bizarre scene at a match in the elite ranks of football in Spain has completely shocked the country. During the game between Rayo Vallecano and Sevilla (1:2) played on Monday, a young fan of the home team did something incomprehensible. Public opinion in Spain is in complete shock, as well as the media, which have given great attention to this event. Rayo’s fan committed a heinous act of violating the physical integrity of a Sevilla player.

“Mundo Deportivo” reported on it in the following way:
“A bizarre and inexplicable attack by a young spectator on a player from the opposing team. As if what he did wasn’t bad enough, he even laughed after the heinous act, as did his friends around him. Fortunately, the situation did not escalate thanks to the fact that the normally fiery Ocampos reacted calmly. More precisely, not as he could have.”

The Argentine explained why he remained calm. “I hope that La Liga will react seriously as they did with the racism issue. I don’t think Rayo’s fans are like that, they show us respect, but there are always fools. I hope that this won’t happen in other places, because if this happened in women’s football, we all know what could happen.

I held back because I have two daughters and I hope that something like this won’t happen to them tomorrow,” Ocampos said after the match.

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