April 21, 2024

Natho discovered that he knew Bahar was leaving Zvezda.

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I could feel from his attitude and speech that he was going to part ways with Zvezda. They have known each other for a long time, and Bibras feels that he could have achieved much more with the red and whites. He is an excellent coach.

It was hard for him to succeed here because his mentality is different. Bahar wanted one thing, while Zvezda wanted another, and they didn’t succeed together. He commented on the rivalry with Crvena Zvezda.

Several times during his time at Humskoj, he said that the red and whites were the favorites for the title, but that has changed this season. “What I said before was quite simple: for our rivals, we had a team that hadn’t lost a game for three years. That’s a fact, you can’t argue with that.

This season, Zvezda has been defeated several times, which proves that the league is much more competitive. There is a balance between the teams; anyone can beat anyone. In this championship, there haven’t been many matches with a final score of 5:0 or 6:0, but rather by a one-goal difference,” Natho concluded.

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