July 20, 2024

Russia has a new nuclear explosion simulator, Putin’s ground troops will practice combat missions after it.

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It is reported that the new simulator has been patented by the scientists of the Military Academy for Logistics “General A. V. Khrulev” from Saint Petersburg. The Tas agency has announced that it should be used during military exercises to prepare Russian ground forces for combat missions after a nuclear explosion. Russian state media state that this simulator will also be used to train reconnaissance units responsible for chemical, biological, and radiological warfare to learn how to locate the epicenter and determine the characteristics of the explosion. It is mentioned that previously designed Russian simulators of nuclear explosions are no longer being produced, and other simulators that were kept in storage are either no longer functional or their use is prohibited.

Business Insider states that it is unclear whether the new nuclear explosion simulator is ready for use. Behind Russia, the United States ranks second with more than 5,200 nuclear warheads. It is mentioned that America is seeking to upgrade its intercontinental ballistic missiles launched from underground silos, as well as to develop new bombers and submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles. Last October, the Pentagon announced that the U.S. Department of Defense would work on producing a new variant of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, as well as the B61-13 air-launched weapon, once approved by Congress.

Last autumn, Russia deployed new intercontinental ballistic missiles, which its President, Vladimir Putin, once said would make enemies of his country “think twice.”

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