April 24, 2024

La liga española investiga a Belingema por insultos hacia Grinvood

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The spokesperson for the Spanish league said today, “*Hetafe has lodged a complaint against the La Liga director, and, as is normal in such cases, the league has asked for a lip-reading expert to investigate the matter and act based on what he can confirm. *” English international Jude Bellingham, according to images published in the Spanish press, allegedly called his compatriot Mason Greenwood a “rapist” during the match between Hetafe and Real Madrid, which the “royal” club won 2-0 on Thursday. The former Manchester United player is on loan from the English club until the end of the season, after the Premier League suspended him in 2022 over rape and assault allegations. The allegations were dismissed in February 2023, allowing Greenwood to resume his career in the Madrid suburbs, where he has scored four goals in 18 matches this season.

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