April 16, 2024

Deliberately Plunging into Ruin While at the Peak

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Chelsea made a serious amount of money, but lost a player whose loss they still cannot compensate for today. Unfortunately, football fans were left without the wizard they loved to watch in July 2019, even those who didn’t support the team he played for. “I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate and how I nourished myself, but I didn’t eat burgers every day either. You can’t live like that, not caring about your diet for 16 years, but I didn’t think it was important.

I’m a hedonist, I love to eat and drink with friends. Sure, as you get older, you really have to take care of everything. But I knew I wouldn’t be one of those and I knew I’d retire earlier. I always had champagne and food in the fridge that definitely wasn’t for footballers, but that’s just who I am.”

In the summer of 2012, he signed for Chelsea, a club where he left a huge mark. With the team from Stamford Bridge, he won the Premier League and the Europa League twice, as well as the FA Cup and the League Cup once. He played better and better from year to year, and in the season that led the “royal club” to pay a huge sum of money, he scored 21 goals with 17 assists in 52 matches in all competitions. He had problems with form and injuries, but that wasn’t enough to change his habits.

He bid farewell to football three months before his 33rd birthday. For the Belgian national team, where he was captain, he scored 33 goals in 126 matches.

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