April 18, 2024

Brighton convincingly defeats Crystal Palace

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This text talks about football matches between different teams. The first game mentioned is between Brighton and Crystal Palace. Brighton is currently in seventh place with 35 points, while Crystal Palace is in 14th place with 24 points.

In the next round, Brighton will visit Tottenham, and Crystal Palace will host Chelsea. The second match mentioned is between Fulham and Burnley. Fulham’s goals were scored by Joao Palhinha in the 17th minute and Rodrigo Munis in the 21st minute, while David Fofana scored twice for Burnley in the 71st and 91st minute (including injury time).

Fulham is in 12th place with 26 points, while Burnley is in 19th place with 13 points. In the next round, Fulham will host Bournemouth, and Burnley will visit Liverpool.

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