April 13, 2024

¿Quién está involucrado en el asesinato de Saša?

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The crime in Doboj is unforgettable for the region, not only because of the brutality with which it was committed, but also because nearly the entire family was involved. Saša K. was killed on January 29 in the morning hours.

His body with stab wounds was found in the forest, where he was taken after being drugged with a large dose of pills in his own home, then placed in a car with tied hands and feet, and his head wrapped in duct tape. First, his wife (32) and her lover (19) were arrested, followed by the shocking arrest of their underage daughter (14), and it was later discovered that the sister of the prime suspect had her role in the crime.

The precise circumstances are still being determined, but according to the statement of the District Court in Doboj, every family member had a task. The laxative “trean” is only available by prescription.

Since it is not popular in the general population, it is believed that the drug was not obtained by accident and that the perpetrators had the assistance of a knowledgeable person with experience with the drug, who could have “advised” them. It is not clear whether V.M.

knew what the tablets would be used for and whether she had any other role in organizing this heinous crime. So far, she has had the status of a privileged witness, not obligated to testify against her sister and reveal how she obtained the pills.

It is also unknown how long V.M. had been bringing medication to her sister, but it was revealed during the investigation that Saša K. had been poisoned for at least three months.

Even at one point, he himself suspected that something was happening, which is why blood tests revealed nothing. His wife knew that Saša was planning to do tests, so she didn’t give him any medication during that time.

All of this shows how carefully planned this crime was. K., Saša K.’s underage daughter and his wife, crushed the medication she received from her aunt and mixed it with lemonade which she gave to her father.

The District Court in Doboj adds that the intention was to drug and put the victim to sleep. After the pills began to take effect and after the victim Saša K. had fallen asleep, A.K.

left the front door of the house unlocked, informing her mother and her lover about this. They then told her to go to the living room and close the door, so that they could enter the room where Saša K. was sleeping.

They tied up Saša K. by wrapping his head in gray duct tape, and tying his hands and feet with rope and duct tape. They inflicted a few blows on him, causing him to bleed, then carried him out of the house and drove him to the woods near the Preslica picnic area.

There, they inflicted four stab wounds to his abdomen with an unknown object, causing severe traumatic and hypovolemic shock, resulting in death due to injury and blood loss. They left him in the woods in that condition and left in an unknown direction.

The daughter, mother, and her lover have been arrested and remanded in custody for one month. It is not known if anyone else was involved in planning this crime.

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