April 18, 2024

La camarera expulsó al estudiante del café por estudiar

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A young student told the story of what happened to him when he entered a café in Belgrade and took out his script. “This just happened to me in a café in downtown Belgrade.

I sat down, ordered a coffee, and took out my script to review (to myself) while waiting for the start of the exam. I didn’t make any noise, nor did I cover the table with anything (literally just held a small script in my lap), I ordered a drink … You’ll hear all kinds of things today ,” “Do they have that sign for no smoking?

A crossed-out book?” “The same thing happened to me in another café,” “Nothing new, there are also those where laptops are not allowed,” they wrote.

They come in, each orders a coffee, take up half of the place and sit the whole afternoon. They want water, ‘give me water, give me water, empty sweet rolls, give me water’, go home, to the library.

As soon as we started to defend it, the turnover increased by 30 percent within a few months, and consequently, my personal earnings, so I completely understand the places that do that. One guy studying is not a problem, twenty of them is a different story,” read their comments.

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