April 16, 2024

How Luis Figo became a traitor to the club with one move

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I thought that maybe I couldn’t do it, but moving to Real wasn’t just for sports and financial reasons, but also because of some people,” Figo said on one occasion for the Spanish Primera’s website. Although many respected him as a top footballer, his transfer from Barcelona to Real was the reason for all of Catalonia to turn against this player who overnight went from favorite to public enemy number one. And not only Catalonia, the army of Barcelona’s fans around the world were furious at the treacherous move of their former idol. Figo’s agent saw an opportunity to make money, so a pre-contract was signed.

However, neither the footballer nor his agent believed Perez would win. But, the opposite happened. “When Figo saw the situation he got into, when they started threatening his daughters, he started to back out. He told his agent Veiga that he didn’t want to go to Real.

But the problem was that the contract stated that if Figo didn’t move to Madrid, he would have to pay Real 35 million euros in compensation,” a well-informed source told the Spanish media. During every visit to “Nou Camp,” he was received with hostility, and it will be remembered that Barcelona fans once threw a pig’s head at him.

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