April 24, 2024

Girl dies during intercourse with footballer, police investigate death

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The suspicious fact that the unfortunate girl was bleeding from her vagina led the police to take over the investigation due to this horrifying detail. A doctor at the scene determined that her death was caused by four cardiac arrests and blood loss due to a five-centimeter cut in her vagina.

Livia suffered one cardiac arrest at the scene, another in the ambulance, and two more at the hospital. According to the police report, the couple, who had met through Instagram, had not consumed alcohol or drugs, only electronic cigarettes.

The family’s lawyer, Alfredo Porcer, stated the following in an interview with TV Globo: “What the police are investigating is whether there was any violence or insertion of an object into the vagina. The player is under investigation, the death is suspicious.

I currently do not have any more information because the whole case is very complex,” among other things.

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