April 18, 2024

Bulgarians Accuse Red Star of Unprecedented Chaos in Cyprus

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The incident occurred in the middle of the field. At that moment, Red Star was leading 2-1 thanks to Sherif Endiaje’s goals, and because of Barbose’s malicious hit, no one in the Serbian champion’s camp was in the mood for football. The referee tried to persuade Milojević to calm the passions, but the Red Star coach did not want to hear and ordered his players to leave the field, most likely out of fear that there might be similar conflicts leading to injury before the end of the match. “This was the second tough match in a row for us, we played well, but I am not satisfied with how it ended.

It’s not nice that the match did not finish because we wanted at least a draw. Maybe our good game annoyed the opponents who then reacted with nerves,” emphasized the coach of the team currently occupying the second-to-last place in the Bulgarian championship. “We know that Red Star is a big club, but these are also preparations for us and we wanted to play a good match. Perhaps they expected us to just walk around the field and for them to win easily.

No, we played well and worked hard. The scenes that happened at the end are not pleasant and I do not support them, there is no place for that in football, but such tensions did not come from our side. I respect the opponent, but they must respect us too,” he added.

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