April 16, 2024

The wife of Partizan basketball player makes waves on social media

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Because of this, fans knew to react strongly on social media, even sending offensive messages to his wife, Esh Kaminski, who addressed the issue on her TikTok channel. She emphasized that her page is not the place for it. “There have been so many ugly things and hatred… People are saying the nastiest things on my page in the last month because my husband’s team is not playing well. First of all – are you okay, who does this?

I’m a woman, I don’t play basketball, this is my page. You know what, here’s a new rule – if you say something vulgar, disgusting, if you threaten, I’ve received all of that, so I had to turn off comments which I’ve never done before – you will be immediately blocked. That’s it, people, this is my happy page, so this hate stops today,” Esh Kaminski said. The text has been split into logical paragraphs to improve readability.

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