April 18, 2024

Real Madrid offers an amazing contract to Dubai stars

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Dubai’s entrance into the European basketball market, specifically in the ABA League and EuroLeague next season, is pending official confirmation. Despite previous speculation that Dubai would be limited in its spending, recent reports suggest otherwise as the team aims to make significant investments in its player roster. Their ambitious plan includes acquiring the best European center, Walter Tavares (31, 221cm), from Real Madrid and making him one of the highest-paid players.

Tavares’ contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the current season, and there are indications that the club and the player are struggling to reach a new financial agreement, which seemingly is not an issue for Dubai. According to Madrid’s “Relevo” portal, Dubai is set to offer Tavares a gross salary of 8 million euros per season, which would surpass his earnings at Real Madrid even after taxes and contributions. Currently, Tavares earns only 1.7 million euros at Real Madrid while reportedly seeking double the amount.

Dubai hopes that securing such a prominent player as their first reinforcement will attract other European basketball talents to join their project. It will be intriguing to see the team Dubai will assemble as a new participant in the ABA League and EuroLeague. Over the next six years, Dubai plans to invest 150 million euros in the EuroLeague, benefiting the holders of the “A” licenses.

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