April 24, 2024

Obradović buys season tickets for Partizan matches

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We do not give away free tickets to anyone. Everyone pays for the tickets, including NBA scouts. I bought 20 season tickets, says Zoran Savic in a major interview for the portal basketnews.

“We have requests for the matches on 19th and 21st of March (note by the author: Partizan plays against Baskonia and Real) from 300 people outside of Serbia. This is something really hard to explain. Ticket revenues are a major item in the budget.”

President of Partizan, Ostoja Mijailović, revealed before the season that 16,124 season tickets had been sold, exceeding the budget expectations, initially estimated at around €5.8 million from ticket sales. Finally, interesting information: “We increased ticket prices. We are on the edge for this region.

Season ticket prices may be higher than Barcelona, Real or Armani… However, our fans know that the money from tickets is the only way for us to be equal with these teams I mentioned,” Savic stated clearly.

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