July 20, 2024

La villa de Jürgen Klopp vale 4 millones de euros

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Many associate Jurgen Klopp with a new job, such as Barcelona, but it is likely that he will fulfill his promise to take a year-long break after leaving Liverpool. There are plenty of reasons for this. The German intends to create an “ecological family paradise” in Majorca after purchasing a villa on the Balearic island for four million euros.

“I’m not sure if I should say this, although it’s not a big secret. Jurgen is building a house in Majorca. I have a house near where he is building his.

His wife Ula is in charge of everything related to that, and he joked, ‘The damn thing isn’t even finished yet, and I’m paying all the bills.’ He is likely to withdraw there for some time.” The property was acquired in 2018 from Swiss businessman and artist Rolf Knie.

The estate spans 5,000 square meters. A computer controls these two systems to ensure that the temperature in the house remains constant, regardless of outside temperatures. All these upgrades are meant to reduce electricity consumption by 75%.

It also features the most advanced irrigation system, designed to activate itself when needed.

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