June 25, 2024

“If the fans don’t want it, it’s better not to start anything!”

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The President of the Football Association of Serbia is familiar with the idea and initiative of the President of the Hungarian club Ferencvaros, Gabor Kubatov. The President of Ferencvaros explained that no regional league should threaten national championships, but that it could be played for a month or two if all participating countries and national football associations agreed on their own competition calendars.

Dragan Džajić, the President of the Football Association of Serbia and a Serbian football legend, stated that such a decision does not depend solely on football officials. He mentioned that UEFA should be consulted and that the approval of such a competition rests on them.

Džajić also highlighted that, although matches between the best clubs in this part of Europe would be interesting, it is ultimately the fans who have the final say. He emphasized that football cannot exist without the fans’ support and that, in his opinion, it might not be the right moment for such a regional league.

Džajić expressed his belief that the idea of a regional league was proposed by a powerful figure in Hungary but emphasized that many factors would have to align for such a competition to materialize. He stressed that it is not the decision of a sports official or a single influential individual.

He emphasized that there are specific entities responsible for making decisions on such matters.

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