April 13, 2024

Baby falls from 1st floor to basement in fire, loses brother and sister

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This is a tragic story that took place in the family Đuričić’s home in the village of Glavica, Paracin in 2010. A fire broke out in the children’s room, and sadly, the three-year-old twins perished.

Their older brother, who is now a father to the injured baby, was luckily unharmed in another part of the house. The parents traveled to Belgrade, where doctors at the Clinical Center of Serbia continue to fight for their four-month-old baby’s life.

The neighbors are in shock and disbelief at the terrible fate that has befallen this young family. The accident occurred three days ago around 10 p.m.

The grandfather had taken a car seat with the baby inside and was carrying it into the building to their apartment. When he reached the first floor, he noticed a blanket covering the baby’s face, so he placed the car seat on the staircase railing to adjust the blanket.

Unfortunately, the baby fell from the car seat on the first floor, through the space between the steps, and into the basement of the building. The parents, who were following the grandfather, immediately picked up their baby and took her to the emergency room in Paracin’s Pediatric Department.

Due to the severity of the injuries, the baby was transferred to the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade.

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