July 20, 2024

ABAZOVIĆ ACCUSES PRIME MINISTER: Spajic’s uncle leads the main discussion on government personnel in the Montenegrin Government

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Former Prime Minister of Montenegro and leader of the URA Movement, Dritan Abazović, claims that the main influence over government appointments in Montenegro is held by the uncle of Prime Minister Milojko Spajić. Abazović alleges that this relative of Spajić is a potential candidate for the director of the National Security Agency.

He expressed concern over the influence of individuals like this in shaping the fate of Montenegrin citizens, comparing it to the previous ruling party’s structure. Abazović also mentioned Sreten Kankaraš, who allegedly conducts interviews for important positions in various sectors, including the police director and the potential director of the National Security Agency.

Kankaraš declined to comment on Abazović’s claims to the “Vijesti” portal. Moreover, Abazović made further allegations about Spajić’s actions during the Do Kvon affair, claiming that Spajić had sought refuge in the offices of Lutrex to avoid arrest.

He also accused a high-ranking official of the Serbian Progressive Party of giving instructions to Spajić during this time. In his statements, Abazović questioned the behavior and actions of those involved in these affairs, expressing disbelief at the situation.

He also raised concerns about the alleged involvement of political figures from Serbia in advising Spajić.

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