April 13, 2024

“Srbija ima slobodu izbora u protivnicima za igru!”

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The Serbian national football team will play a friendly match against Russia on March 21. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin expressed his views on the game in an extensive interview with The Guardian. He stated that it is not within UEFA’s jurisdiction to prevent the match, and legally, Russia can play against any team. Ceferin criticized the media and political attention given to the match, emphasizing that it wouldn’t be a topic of discussion if the English media didn’t highlight it. He also mentioned that there was no pressure from the Russian side, and the suspension will remain in effect as long as the conflict persists. Ceferin expressed sympathy for the athletes and emphasized the negative impact on sports, while acknowledging the difficulties faced by Russian athletes who may not be able to express opposition to their government’s decisions. He concluded by expressing concern about the current geopolitical situation, describing it as unsettling.

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