April 24, 2024

Sferopulos after the eternal derby

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The Red Star basketball players defeated Partizan in game 18. The coach congratulated his players on playing an excellent game from the beginning, with the first half being one of the best considering the opponent’s quality. They controlled the game for 35 minutes, but lost concentration and risked the win due to poor decisions. He believed they deserved the victory as they were the better team on the field.

The eternal derby is special due to the intense rivalry between the two clubs and the fact that Serbia is a basketball country. The atmosphere is typically Balkan, similar to Greece and Israel where he had previously worked, as explained by the Greek coach.

Preparing the team after the defeat was challenging, and the significance of winning the derby was immense. After a loss, the team had to continue playing, just as after significant victories. Controlling emotions and maintaining professionalism was crucial since they had a match against Valencia in two days. Winning two matches against Partizan was a big deal for the team, especially after feeling they deserved the win in their first match against them. Despite the ups and downs and the fatigue, they faced many challenges against a team playing great basketball. The coach acknowledged that they played well in the first few minutes but also made crucial mistakes at key moments, such as committing fouls for two points instead of three when it was most needed.

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