April 24, 2024

Optužnica podignuta protiv 35-godišnje žene iz Slavonije zbog lažne uzbune.

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The indictment accuses her of making a bomb threat to the Osijek County and Municipal Court. The call was made 16 minutes before the first call, but she repeated the threat to the court worker using the same application, stating, “There is a bomb at the court!” She repeated the call to the Osijek court at 11:40, saying with a generated voice, “The bomb will explode in 47 minutes!” Bomb disposal experts determined the report to be false after inspecting the court building.

The prosecution recommends a six-month prison sentence for the 35-year-old woman, with the proceedings to be merged with the ongoing criminal case against her at the same court. She claimed she was very afraid of what would happen at the court as there was supposed to be a hearing related to her family. That morning, she purchased two mobile phones and two SIM cards from the post office, returned to her car, and made the first call from Livane or Čepin. She then made the second call from Retfala, and later placed both mobile phones in a bag and threw them into a large canal.

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