April 21, 2024

Jago zadovoljan nakon derbija

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Kola ABA league with a score of 88:86. The winning point was scored by Jago four seconds before the end. “I love this, I love these kinds of games, primarily because this is a derby, but also because I played against Bruno and won again. He will have to pay for my dinner again,” the Brazilian happily spoke and continued: “A very important moment for everyone, a very big victory. For me, it’s all the same, because we lost the previous game, and now we have a double round of Euroleague ahead of us. The victory is important for the energy and atmosphere in the team; winning the derby increases the team’s self-confidence.” How did you feel when you scored the winning basket? “Honestly, I don’t know how I felt. I got the ball and everyone worked for me. I love moments like these, because they determine whether you are a good or a very good player. We were playing at home, and I had more confidence to take the last shot. I went towards the basket and tried to find the best solution,” Jago explained.

As for Bruno and you, what did you say to each other, as you were talking for a long time on the court after the match ended? “I told him that he knows very well that the last shot was mine, and that if he had been on the court, it would have been better for Partizan. But since he wasn’t in the game, I scored,” concluded the Brazilian.

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