April 18, 2024

Saša Đani Ćurčić on Piksi

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The last time we were at the biggest European gathering was years ago. “The Eagles” have been placed in a group considered difficult by many, alongside England, the top favorite for the trophy, as well as Denmark, always in the second row of favorites, and Slovenia. If I were in Pixie’s place and saw someone like Ćurčić say something smart on TV, I would think “Wow, this guy said something smart.” We cannot play with three at the back. I will work in Germany for “Skysport” television, commenting on the Euros. We must not play with three at the back, we will experience the biggest embarrassment in Serbia’s history. There will be a barrage, it will be seven to ten goals – emphasized the former Crystal Palace player. Djani believes that is not true and says what he would do if he were in Pixie’s place. Just poke the ball, cross the first post, poke the ball at him. Živković crosses ten times in Leskovac and cannot cross the first post. I am now giving “inside” information, Pixie must play with four at the back, with classic full-backs. If I had been a coach in Qatar, my full-backs would be Urošević and Aksentijević, we must have four players in defense, that is the recipe for success. He said that, I fainted when I saw that. It’s not that there aren’t any, but you don’t know how to see and scout, that’s the problem. You will be able to read the entire interview with Saša Djani Ćurčić on our portal, as well as in the printed edition in the next few days.

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