April 16, 2024

Serbian Football Rocked by Scandal: Match Fixing Proven, Four Players Punished

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Due to various violations, the football club Prva Iskra from Baric has been penalized. The club has been docked 12 points and fined 1,200,000 dinars. Additionally, four players – Vladimir Simić, Lazar Adamović, Zoran Topalović, and goalkeeper Andrija Knežević – have each received a nine-month ban from playing.

The disciplinary actions were taken against Prva Iskra’s senior team in the Serbian League Belgrade for the points deducted and the financial penalty. The specific violations were committed in the 2023/2024 season.

Individual players also faced penalties, with Lazar Adamović, Zoran Topalović, and Andrija Knežević receiving bans from both league and cup matches for nine months.

The disciplinary committee emphasized that the purpose of these sanctions is to send a clear message to other clubs in the league, warning them not to repeat similar infractions in the future. The committee also stressed that there will be zero tolerance for such violations in the future.

The committee hopes that these penalties will also encourage proper conduct and a sportsmanlike approach among all football clubs, players, and staff in the Serbian League Belgrade and other leagues organized by the Belgrade Football Association.

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