April 24, 2024

Saša Đani Ćurčić discusses Barak Bahar

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The season started with high ambitions. The team made significant signings and spent a lot of money, and brought in Barak Bahar to shape the team. A former player of Partizan commented on the situation, criticizing the decision to not give Bahar more playing time and the impact on certain players who fell out of favor. He also discussed what he would have done in that situation.

The former player also expressed his disbelief over the treatment of the best goalkeeper to emerge in Serbia in the last 20 years, calling it nonsensical. He acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes and that other coaches can learn from such incidents. The full interview with Saša Đani Ćurčić will be available on the portal and in the upcoming print edition in the next few days.

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