April 16, 2024

Stojan Stojanović waited 14 years for blood revenge

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Stojan Stojanović (69) killed Dragan Stepić (57) in 2016. For over 14 years, he had lived with the desire to punish the culprit. It didn’t matter that he had been in prison for threatening Dragan,” said acquaintances of Stojanović at the time. According to witnesses, Stepić used to work at “Preduzeće za puteve” as a supervisor at a construction site where in 2002, Stojan approached him and silently fired a bullet into him. Stepić was seriously injured and immediately taken to the hospital in Požarevac, where he died, and the attacker was arrested immediately. Stojan didn’t run away. He calmly waited for the police at the crime scene,” said a source from the investigation at the time.

The trench was three meters deep and was not properly secured. Stepić was the responsible person and works supervisor at the time. After the tragedy, Stojan threatened to kill Stepić out of revenge, and the police confiscated his weapons several times. He believed that Stepić was responsible for his son’s death. We were afraid that he would carry out his threats. Unfortunately, that’s what happened,” said one of the witnesses at the time.

As a reminder, after the accident in 2002 where Stojan’s son died at the construction site, Dragan Stepić was sentenced to a suspended six-month prison term as the responsible person, considering that “Preduzeće za puteve” does not carry out works exceeding one-meter depth, while the hole in which the young man died was three meters deep. Stojan himself spent six months in prison for threatening Stepić.

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