April 24, 2024

Angola surpasses Burkina Faso, Mauritania eliminates Algeria

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Angola secured their place in the round of 16 as the top team in their group with seven points. They clinched their victory with goals from Mabululua in the 36th minute and Zini in the 92nd minute. Despite their loss, Burkina Faso also advances to the next round as the second-placed team with four points.

Mauritania, on the other hand, finished the group stage in third place with three points. However, they are still able to progress to the next round as one of the best third-placed teams. Unfortunately, Algeria ended their campaign in last place with only two points.

In summary, Angola emerged as the group leaders, followed by Burkina Faso in second place. Mauritania’s performance was enough to secure their advancement, while Algeria fell short in their group stage matches.

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